Catherine Bobtcheff, professor at the Paris School of Economics, participated in the monthly seminar of the ACPR Chair “Regulation and Systemic Risk”, which took place online on February 2.

During this scientific event, the researcher presented a research paper entitled Organizing insurance supply for new and undiversifiable risks for which she received a grant from the Institut Europlace de Finance (IEF) in 2020.

The paper focuses on pandemic risk insurance and examines how insurance companies can coordinate to expand their joint capacity to cover new and undiversifiable risks. It proposes recommendations to regulators so that these risks can be better addressed by the insurance industry.

As a reminder, Catherine Bobtcheff received the Best Young Researcher Award in Finance and Insurance in 2018, awarded during the Risks Forum by the Scor Foundation for Science, in partnership with the Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB) and the Institut Europlace de Finance (IEF).

In addition, the researcher, who specialises in actuarial science, will speak at the next Risks Forum on 21 and 22 March.

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