Institut Louis Bachelier

Last modification: 01/31/2024

The Institut Louis Bachelier: The driving force behind the Louis Bachelier Network

The Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB) is an association as defined by the law of 1901 and was created in 2008 at the instigation of the Treasury and Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.

Through our activities, we aim to involve academics, public authorities and companies in research projects as well as in scientific events and other forums of exchange.

Together we will find solutions for a changing world, with the focus on four societal transitions: environmental, digital, demographic, financial.


ILB services are provided by two poles and ILB Labs:

The administrative department helps to seek out and establish partnerships:

  • Search and apply for French and international calls for projects
  • Undertake project management
  • Monitor contracts
  • Ensure budget monitoring and reporting
  • The organisation of committees to steer research programmes

Contact: Mourad Kolli, Administration & Finance Director

The ILB Communication & Engagement department assists the Louis Bachelier Network through four axes:

  • Exploitation of research
  • Engagement with and support for the partners of the Louis Bachelier network
  • Positioning French knowledge of societal issues internationally
  • Organizing events for sharing expertise and connecting participants

Contact: Ryadh Benlahrech, Director of Communication & Engagement

ILB Labs

The Institut Louis Bachelier Labs (Datalab and ESG Lab) provide companies, researchers and administrations with support for statistical analysis and modelling, including the use of machine learning. 

Contact: Louis Boulanger, Director ILB Labs