PARC is a research and data collaboration hub designed to make sustainable Finance a key response to the global climate change and sustainability challenges. Through its founders and thanks to the ILB and its partners, PARC main objective is to foster a collaborative research ecosystem to produce applied research and robust tools and modelling to boost the transition pathway of financial institutions and deliver innovative solutions to meet the Paris Agreement’s goals.
ILB Labs is a single R&D cell consisting of data scientists, and sustainable finance analysts experienced in addressing the challenges of the financial industry. In this section, you will find webinars and workshops organised by ILB Labs in collaboration with various partners.
To provide food for thought and action for local authorities, the Association Internationale des Maires Francophones (AIMF) and Urbanisme en Francophonie, in partnership with the Institut Louis Bachelier and the École d'Urbanisme de Paris, are launching the "Urbanisme en Francophonie" project, under the academic responsibility of Ingrid Nappi (Professor at the École des Ponts ParisTech, Director of Research at the Institut Louis Bachelier) and Marcus Zepf (Professor and Co-Director of the École d'Urbanisme de Paris) a series of three webinars dedicated to the resilient city in the face of climate change. The series is part of the Urbanisme en Francophonie initiative.
Finance is experiencing a real disruption with the irruption of new technologies in the banking and insurance sectors in particular, hence the name of this interdisciplinary programme. Finance and Insurance Reloaded (FaIR) consists of promoting innovations resulting from new technologies (from Artificial Intelligence to the blockchain) in the finance and insurance sectors. In this section, you will find webinars and workshops organised by this interdisciplinary programme in collaboration with various partners.
The Green and Sustainable Finance (GSF) programme aims to strengthen the dynamics of multidisciplinary research on green and sustainable finance in France. In this section, you will find webinars and workshops, organised by this large interdisciplinary programme, in collaboration with different partners.
The Real estate Finance and Economics network (ReFinE) was launched in January 2019. Its purpose is to promote academic research on the topic of commercial real estate. In this section, you will find webinars and workshops, organised by this research network, in collaboration with various partners.
Organised each year at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Financial Risks International Forum is a scientific event bringing together professionals and academics from all over the world to discuss current issues in the Banking/Finance/Insurance/Asset Management industry. Watch a replay of the 2021 edition with the Rising Talents side event, the 2022 edition, as well as the 2023 edition.
This annual conference is co-organised by the Louis Bachelier Institute and the Banque de France, with the participation of Finance For Tomorrow and the Institut de recherche en économie du climat - I4CE. Watch the replay of the 2020, 2021 and 2022 editions.
The ILB and BNP Paribas have entered into a partnership in 2018, with the aim of organising a series of conferences entitled "Conversations A\Venir". On this occasion, leading scientists come to observe, comment and answer the questions of the new generation on technological, scientific, social, societal and environmental developments, which are at the heart of the changes taking place in the world today and tomorrow. In this section, you can access the podcasts that were recorded during these events.
The Women In Science (WiSE) conference aims to put the spotlight on women scientists in a field that is mainly reserved for men. The proportion of women scientists is low: only 28% of researchers are women and only 3% of Nobel prizes have been awarded to women. To make matters worse, less than 30% of basic science students are women. The under-representation of women in this field undermines scientific innovation in France and abroad, with significant economic consequences. Watch a replay of the 2019 and 2020 editions of this conference, which provided an opportunity to highlight the need for and benefits of women scientists to come out of the shadows.
The ILB's scientific sessions offer an insight into the latest developments in the academic literature. Watch the replay of the conferences aimed at all economic and academic players and public authorities.