Last modification: 05/31/2021

A specialist data science team within the Louis Bachelier Network

Our mission:

“To support the digital transformation with data and data science from the banking, finance, insurance and asset management industry”

An applied research unit

ILB DataLab is an applied research unit composed of engineers experienced in the issues of the financial industry. The team is known for its ability to lead projects involving companies and experts – especially academic experts – on topics pertaining to data processing and analysis and the development of AI and machine-learning algorithms.


Responding to the operational needs of companies

We manage end-to-end data science consulting projects from data collection through to industrialization, taking into account the various constraints the partner is subject to ­­ – legal, IT, data quality, etc. Throughout the project, we adhere strictly to three operating rules: rigour, data security and communication control.


While maintaining academic rigour

We work with various experts and academics  – in machine learning, quantitative finance, econometrics, actuarial science – under the scientific direction of Jean-Michel Lasry, Professor Emeritus at Paris-Dauphine University and the Polytechnique and former Scientific Director of Calyon. We also have access to the Louis Bachelier Institute network of more than 500 researchers, which we mobilize when we need it, or on request, to validate the scientific relevance of the approaches adopted and bring diversity to our thinking.


For a proven track record at reasonable cost

We have managed more than 30 industrialized projects or projects in the test phase in nearly 90% of cases. Tax benefits (sponsorship or CIR 60%) make it possible to maximize the impact of human capital.


Several partnership formats are available

We offer solutions adapted to the partner’s needs, maturity and budget:

  • Identification of data use cases to meet business challenges
  • Assistance with the organization of the data analysis department;
  • Co-construction of solutions from data collection through to completion;
  • Carrying out applied research projects;
  • Provision of expertise and diversity.

Covering our various areas of expertise

We have expertise in data collection and different types of modelling:

  • Data scraping
  • Identification of anomalies
  • Econometric and financial modelling
  • Risk prediction
  • Prediction of various occurrences (subscription, disruption, attrition, etc.)
  • Estimation of missing values
  • Natural Language Process semantic analysis
  • Image analysis
  • Graph study
  • Visualization tools
  • Measurement of model quality