Together, we seek answers

Last modification: 11/06/2023

Louis Bachelier Network: A partnership-based network in economics and finance


The Louis Bachelier Network was created to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and transversal collaborations in order to promote the emergence of a sustainable economy and finance. The network comprises more than 1000 researchers, 85 private companies and a number of public partners including General Directorate of a Treasury and the Caisse de Dépôts, the two co-founders of the Institut Louis Bachelier in 2008.

Together we seek solutions for a world in transition!


As a partner in the Louis Bachelier Network, you benefit from support.

Access to research and innovation

If you are a company, the research projects of the Institut Louis Bachelier and its ILB Labs constitute a real outsourced research and development service that will help you to design models and tools to strengthen decision-making and create innovative features.

Share, develop and promote research

If you are a researcher, you will discover in the Louis Bachelier Network the most distinguished peers in economics and finance and a team engaged in the creation, financing, facilitation and dissemination of your scientific work.

Objective knowledge and collaboration with experts in the financial industry

If you are an international, national, regional or local public actor in the field of finance and economics, the Institut Louis Bachelier research programmes will help you to acquire the knowledge needed for qualitative decision-making. We also act as a bridge to leading partners for finalizing European projects and international collaborations.