Regular events

Financial Risks International Forum

Held every year at the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Financial Risks International Forum is an event bringing together professionals and academics from around the world on current topics in the banking, finance, insurance and asset management industries. The objective is to present research work of the highest standard and to facilitate exchanges between researchers and professionals.

This event welcomes more than 600 participants, including the leading figures in the field from European, American and Asian universities.

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At this side event to Risk Forum 2022, we will present a selection of ILB Rising Talents (maximum eight years after their thesis), whose work has been judged particularly promising by their peers. Four PhD students will present their thesis in 180 seconds. And, in collaboration with the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science, we will be announcing a talent who has already demonstrated his or her high level of research and who will be awarded the title of “Best young researcher in Finance and Insurance” 2022.

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Green Finance Research Advances

The conference is the 6th edition of a yearly event co-organized by Institut Louis Bachelier and Banque de France, with the participation of Finance For Tomorrow, the Institute for Climate Economics -I4CE and L’AGEFI.
The objective of the conference is to bring together academics, finance practitioners and regulators, to discuss together research issues related to the integration of climate risks (more generally environmental issues) into macro-economic modelling/forecasting and into the risk assessment of the financial sector.

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Women in Science

The Covid-19 made a volcanic eruption, spectacular and brutal, disrupting our lives and our benchmarks, exacerbating all the usual stereotypes, (men know and decide, women educate and heal), calling into question the discourse of science.

Since then, we have been showered with data, statistics, tests, projections, models … but what about all this data? How to interpret them? Are they reliable? How does data inform society and its citizens in times of uncertainty? And what is the role of women in this universe?

It is in this very specific context that the Louis Bachelier Institute, LPSM, Sorbonne University and ENSAE are launching the second edition of Women in Science WISE # 2 on the theme: Data & Society, the role of women?

The reflection will be animated by the concrete testimonies of researchers or start-ups with varied profiles and original expertise on the subject.

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Louis Bachelier Scientific Mornings

These morning events shed light on the latest developments in the academic literature through the presentation of research papers supported and funded by the Europlace Institute of Finance and the Louis Bachelier Finance and Sustainable Growth Laboratory of Excellence. These presentations are aimed at economic and academic actors and the public authorities.

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Market microstructure: confronting many viewpoints

The leading international specialists in market microstructure meet at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris for a four-day conference.

This multidisciplinary event brings together economists, mathematicians, computer scientists and professionals. It also provides an opportunity to meet and talk with professionals about their experiences in markets and trading.

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