A Birnbaum importance-based two-stage approach for two-type component assignment problems.


The social cost of carbon and inequality: When local redistribution shapes global carbon prices.


Collective bargaining and macroeconomic performance.

Analyse économétrique en données de panel, Chômage, Collective bargaining, Economie du travail, Emploi, Employment, Institutions du marché du travail, Labor economics, Labor market institutions, Macroeconomics, Macroéconomie, Modèle d’appariement, Négociations collectives, Panel data econometric analysis, Reforms, Réformes, Salaires, Search-and-matching model, Unemployment, Wages

From quadratic Hawkes processes to super-Heston rough volatility models with Zumbach effect.


Temporal Risk Resolution: Utility versus Probability Weighting Approaches.

Preference for early resolution, Probability weighting, Recursive expected utility, Recursive rank-dependent utility, Risk preference, Temporal resolution of uncertainty, Temporal risk, Time preference

Frailty, Sarcopenia and Long Term Care Utilization In Older Populations: A Systematic Review.

Formal care, Frailty, Informal care, Long-term care, Nursing home, Sarcopenia, Systematic review

Prognostic Features in Intermediate‐Size Supraglottic Tumors Treated With Open Supraglottic Laryngectomy.

Supraglottic carcinoma, adverse pathological features, open partial horizontal laryngectomy type I, supraglottic laryngectomy, tumor size

An expansion formula for Hawkes processes and application to cyber-insurance derivatives *.

Cyber insurance derivatives, Hawkes process, Malliavin calculus, Pricing formulae

The Economic Incentives of Cultural Transmission: Spatial Evidence from Naming Patterns across France.

Cultural Economics, Cultural Transmission, First Names, Social Interactions

Abusive contract terms: is the unconscionability doctrine deterrent?


Measuring Immigrants Adoption of Natives Shopping Consumption with Machine Learning.


Strategic management of the carbon tax by companies: the challenges of global performance.

Intégration de l’information, Performance globale, RSE, Taxe carbone, Théories de la justice