Grassland Insurance

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Grassland insurance could be used to replace natural disaster funds to compensate farmers, following large losses of forage production. For the record, in recent years, compensation for forage areas for loss of production due to drought was about half the amount of disaster funds. In this context, the main agricultural sector insurers offer insurance on grasslands, in line with what they already offer on crops. The proposed grassland insurance is based on vegetation indices, derived from satellite data provided by Airbus Defence and Space.

In a preliminary study carried out in 2015, at the request of the ONE, some questions and points of improvement arose, requiring further development of the calibrations between the treatment of satellite images and forage production, as measurable on the ground by experimental devices.

Accordingly, Airbus Defence and Space, Pacifica, the CNE and the Livestock Institute agreed to continue their collaboration and to work on the optimization of the image/grassland productivity relationship by deploying a ground measurement protocol at ten experimental sites in a variety of contexts.

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Didier FOLUS
Didier FOLUS
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