Scientific project

Launched in October 2010, the Climate Economics Chair aims to be an academically recognized research platform open to the world of economic and political decision-making. Its research programme, validated by an internationally renowned Scientific Council, focuses on the economics of climate change.

The Chair has set as a priority the training of young researchers by welcoming trainees, doctoral students and post-doctoral students from various backgrounds. It is also a place for exchanges between researchers and professionals, where our entire team will be happy to welcome you.

Developing innovative research initiatives

The Chair’s activity is organized in the form of research initiatives (RIs), which bring together a team of researchers on a particular theme or a sector. Partner companies can choose to support all Initiatives, by becoming the principal sponsors of the Chair, or participating in one or more research Initiatives that correspond to their interests.

A place of exchange and debate
The Climate Economics Chair contributes to the dissemination of scientific research by organizing symposia and meetings open to professionals and researchers. For example, it has formed a network for the sharing of knowledge among researchers, through its Friday Lunch Meetings (FLMs). See the Friday Lunch Meetings page

Teaching & Training
The researchers of the Climate Economics Chair participate in teaching activities, in particular within the framework of the Paris-Dauphine University Master’s in Energy, Finance, Carbon (EFC) and the Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development, Environment and (EDDEE). The Chair is also a forum for the reception of trainees, apprentices and doctoral students.

Scientific officers

Christian de Perthuis
Christian de Perthuis

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