ILB and CFS unveil the first version of an exclusive ranking measuring the attractiveness of financial centres

While the attractiveness of financial centres is an important factor in the choice of location made by international companies and in a country’s economic development, it still needs to be defined and measured using a robust scientific methodology.

To meet these needs, the ILB in Paris and the CFS in Frankfurt have developed an innovative tool called OFEX: Open Financial Ecosystem indeX.

This new index, presented on Wednesday 22nd November, measures the attractiveness of financial centres according to objective, transparent criteria that can be accessed from reliable sources.

OFEX’s methodology is based on 55 criteria divided into two main categories, each weighted at 50%. Firstly, economic and financial development covers 22 indicators. Secondly, the working environment, which is divided into three sub-categories, each with its own distinct criteria: the business environment (15 indicators), human capital (14 indicators) and infrastructure (4 indicators).

The cumulative result of the 55 indicators gives an overall score (base 100) and ranks the world’s financial centres according to their attractiveness. The top three in the OFEX index are New York, Chicago and London. The rest of the exclusive ranking is available at the following address:

“This first OFEX ranking complements existing tools with a transparent and objective measure of attractiveness. OFEX provides new insights for public and private decision-makers in the financial sector”, says Louis Boulanger, Director of ILB Labs.

“OFEX is the result of a very constructive French-German scientific cooperation that contributes to the debate of how international financial centres should best be compared and ranked. We look very much forward to an intensive and fruitful discussion about both the method and the outcomes.” adds Rainer Klump, Scientific Director of CFS.


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