The fundamentals of financial risk management

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MOOC: The fundamentals of financial risk management

This course, organized in six sessions, was carried out in 2017 by two professionals from the sector, Justin McCarthy and Oscar McCarthy.

In this MOOC, the specialists share their expertise with us on financial risk management, history, current and future challenges.


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  • I. Risk in Industry: An overview of risk and risk management, with a more detailed look at its place in the banking industry
  • II. Market Risk: Risk and the markets - how market participants can gain and lose from the markets and how this can be managed
  • III. Credit Risk: How economies are grown through credit, the risks of excessive credit growth and how credit risk can be managed?
  • IV. Liquidity risk: How the recent crisis brought this risk into the mainstream of risk management
  • VI. Strategic Risk: How risk management can be part of your strategic planning for any firm?


Justin McCarthy MOOC les fondamentaux min

Justin McCarthy

Chairman of The Board of Directors
at the PRMIA Institute

Oscar McCarthy MOOC les fondamentaux min

Oscar McCarthy

Vice-Chairman PRMIA Institute