More frequent separation and repartnering among people aged 50 and over.

Couple, Divorce, France, Persons aged 50 and over, Repartnering, Separation, Union history

COVID-19-related attitudes, risk perceptions, preventive behaviours and economic impact in sub-Saharan African countries: Implementing a longitudinal phone-based survey protocol in rural Senegalese households.

COVID-19, Health economics, Public health, Tropical medicine, health economics, public health, tropical medicine

The Great Convergence: Gender and Unpaid Work in Europe and the United States.

Childcare, Division of labour, Europe, Gender differences, Housework, Time diary data, Time use, United States of America, Unpaid work

Social distancing beliefs and human mobility: Evidence from Twitter.


Private International Law. Volume 2 Special Part.

Droit international privé, Manuels d'enseignement supérieur

Long term care insurance with state‐dependent preferences.

Actuarially Fair Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance Puzzle, Risk Aversion State-dependent Preferences, actuarially fair insurance, long term care insurance puzzle, risk aversion, state-dependent preferences

An Empirical and Theoretical Analysis of Nonlinear Public Policies.

Politiques non linéaires

The Usual Suspects: Offender Origin, Media Reporting and Natives' Attitudes Towards Immigration.

Crime, Immigration, Media Bias

The energy transition: Zen objective.


Semimartingales and shrinkage of filtration.


TVE by mobile application with diabetic adolescents: health professionals' perceptions of the effects on the caregiver-adolescent relationship.

Application, Diabète de type 1, Mhealth, Professionnel de santé, Recherche qualitative, Relation soignant-soigné

First-order stochastic dominance and risk-taking : some new results.