The Foundations

Institut Europlace de Finance

The Institut Europlace de Finance (IEF) is a foundation of public utility dedicated to the support of research in finance more specifically focusing on private sector needs. IEF enables the Louis Bachelier Group to support short and medium-term applicable research projects.




IEF Award

Each year the Institut Europlace de Finance (IEF) awards prizes to researchers on the basis of criteria of excellence, performance and innovation.


Until 2016, three IEF Awards are presented each year during the Financial Risks International Forum at the Ceremony Awards: 

Since 2016, only the prize for the Best Young Researcher continues to be awarded each year in partnership with SCOR Fondation pour la Science under the title :

The winners are selected by a jury made up of the members of the Scientific Council of the Europlace Institute of Finance (EIF), the composition of which you will find below:

Scientific Committee of the Institut Europlace de Finance (IEF)

Reporter: Elyès JOUINI, Scientific Director, Institut Europlace de Finance (IEF)

  • Alain BENSOUSSAN, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Christian de BOISSIEU, University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Pierre-André CHIAPPORI, Columbia University
  • François DEGEORGE, Swiss Finance Institute, University of Lugano
  • Bernard DUMAS, INSEAD
  • Ivar EKELAND, University of British Columbia
  • Bertrand JACQUILLAT, Institut Etudes Politiques Paris
  • Marco PAGANO, University of Salerno
  • Jean-Charles ROCHET, Zurich University
  • Walter SCHACHERMAYER, Vienna University of Technology
  • José SCHEINKMAN, Princeton University
  • Bruno SOLNIK, HEC Paris
  • Dimitri VAYANOS, London School of Economics


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Risk foundation

The “Fondation du Risque“ (FDR) was created in 2007 by four academic institutions (the Centre Economique des Actuaires, l’Ecole Polytechnique, l’ENSAE and l’Université Paris-Dauphine) and four financial institutions (Allianz (ex AGF), Axa, Groupama and Société Générale). The foundation enables longer research projects that in a sustainable way supports the development of excellent French research in all areas connected to risk.