The ReFinE Network Workshop is a place for researchers and professionals in the real estate industry to meet and exchange ideas. The works presented in this context are alternatively derived from completed academic research, ongoing studies, and topics of high importance for real estate stakeholders and regulatory authorities.

At this new edition of the ReFinE Network Workshop, we will listen to three presentations respectively dedicated to green value in the French residential real estate market, ESG practices of companies in the real estate sector, and the consequences of telecommuting on the office real estate market.

  • “Corporate ESG Misconduct within the Real Estate Sector” by Amal Aouadi and Selma Boussetta.

Amal Aouadi is an associate professor in sustainable finance at the University of Lille and at the Lumen laboratory (UMR ULR 4999) since 2017. She holds a Ph.D. in finance (2016) from the University of Clermont Auvergne. Her doctoral work won the prize for the best thesis in corporate governance from the French Institute of Directors (2017) as well as a prize from the Association of Law Doctors (2018). Her academic goal is to contribute to the existing literature on ESG performance and risk measures by proposing new innovative approaches, thus fueling a contentious and highly intense debate. Dr. Aouadi has published in high-level academic journals (Journal of Business Ethics and Economic Modelling) and professional journals (Revue d’Analyse Financière, Revue Droit des Sociétés).

Selma Boussetta is an associate professor in finance at the University of Bordeaux and at BSE. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Toulouse in 2016 with a thesis on “Competition among Exchanges”. She joined the University of Bordeaux in the fall of 2017. Her main research interests are financial markets, socially responsible investment, and financial innovation. On these subjects, her contributions have been published in Research Policy, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, and in Finance.

  • “The Effect of Phasing-Out Energy Inefficient Dwellings from the Rental Market: A Sorting Demand Model Approach” by Daniel Herrera-Araujo.

Daniel Herrera-Araujo is an Assistant Professor in the Laboratory of Economics at Dauphine. His research focuses on the intersection of industrial economics, environmental economics, and health economics.

  • “Working from Home and the Centrality Premium” by Olivier Denagiscarde.

Olivier DENAGISCARDE is a Ph.D. student at BNPPRE and a researcher at CES-Université Panthéon Sorbonne-Paris 1.


REFINE Network Workshop: Green Value, ESG Strategies, Uses, and Office Real Estate.