The AIMF and Urbanisme en Francophonie, in partnership with the Institut Louis Bachelier and the École d’Urbanisme de Paris, under the academic responsibility of Ingrid Nappi (Professor at the École des Ponts ParisTech, Director of Research at the Institut Louis Bachelier) and Marcus Zepf (Professor and Co-Director of the École d’Urbanisme de Paris), are launching a series of three webinars dedicated to the resilient city in the face of climate change.

In the face of the climate emergency and an unprecedented energy crisis, the city, which will be home to 70% of the world’s population in the future, is the site of every challenge: global warming, carbon neutrality, energy sobriety and the increasingly alarming scarcity of natural resources. More than ever, the city needs to reinvent itself and implement strong, ambitious measures in the areas of housing and town and country planning, energy production and waste management, requiring us to radically change our lifestyles and the way we live and live in the city.

The resilient and sustainable city will not only be a low-carbon city that respects the environment, but also a city that can adapt to ever-changing uses and needs. By facing up to and taking into account new challenges such as the post-covid societal crisis and the development of teleworking and new user needs, the economic crisis with the return of inflation and rising interest rates, soaring prices for building materials, the environmental and ecological crisis (scarcity of natural resources, water management) with the need to decarbonise a major sector of the economy while preserving biodiversity, while at the same time meeting the imperatives of land sobriety in order to combat global warming.

While the city is the place where all the challenges lie, it is also the place where solutions and experiments flourish, and where the post-carbon city is being created. From Lausanne to Luxembourg, via Montreal, Lille, Lyon, Geneva, Casablanca, Brussels and Thiès-Dakar, the aim of the webinars is to put into perspective the inspiring and living French-speaking cities that are committed to resilience and carbon neutrality.

The 3 webinars entitled “The resilient city in the face of climate change” will give academics and architects/urban planners the opportunity to explore the levers of change for adapting urban morphologies to the impacts of climate change and the ecological transition (reducing carbon emissions, preserving and developing carbon sinks).


Tuesday 13 June 2023 from 1pm to 2.30pm Paris time (11am to 12.30pm GMT)

Monday 26 June 2023 from 1pm to 2.30pm Paris time (11am to 12.30pm GMT).

Tuesday 11 July 2023 from 1pm to 2.30pm Paris time (11am to 12.30pm GMT).


  • AIMF,
  • Urbanisme en Francophonie,
  • École d’Urbanisme de Paris,
  • Institut Louis Bachelier


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