Jean-Michel Beacco – CEO of Institut Louis Bachelier – & Bertrand Cizeau -Group Communications Director, Deputy Director of Corporate Commitment at BNP Paribas- are pleased to invite you to the fifth edition of the Conversations A\Venir :



We will have the privilege of welcoming Stéphane Carcillo – Chief Economist of the OECD in charge of the labor market, Associate Professor at Sciences Po – in our studio to talk about: “The challenges of the post-COVID-19 labor market”.

The labor market has been profoundly transformed by the pandemic. Telecommuting has saved millions of jobs but it has also disrupted the organization of companies, which must now invent new ways of organizing. The risks and benefits of this transformation are still uncertain and depend on the regulation that will be privileged. This transformation is accompanied by an acceleration of the digitalization of services and processes, which requires more than ever a mastery of digital tools. At the same time, companies, citizens and governments all have global warming in their sights. The green economy cannot develop without massive support for innovative start-ups, whether in transport, energy, agri-food, industry or construction. Investing in green technologies also requires facilitating the reallocation of labor to innovative companies and activities, notably through training. Despite massive efforts in this area in recent years, the effectiveness of spending remains uncertain.



  • Introduction/Opening: Jean-Michel Beacco – CEO of  Institut Louis Bachelier
  • Keynote: Stéphane Carcillo – Associate Professor at Sciences Po, OECD Chief Economist in charge of the labor market
  • Conclusion


  • BNP Paribas


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