The PACTE law promulgated on 22 May 2019 introduced a Retirement Savings Plan (PER) designed to simplify, harmonise and ensure the portability of existing retirement savings products: Madelin, Article 83, PERP, Perco, Life Insurance. With 4.5 million subscribers and an outstanding amount of €32 billion, the individual or collective PER has become an essential savings product. The project for a pan-European retirement savings product (PEEP) is still under consideration.

The PACTE Act also completed the Supplementary Professional Retirement Funds (SPRF) system, which allows insurers to benefit from a prudential framework that is more favourable to the management of long-term assets, with a positive impact on their solvency ratio.

The challenge of this legal framework is to consolidate pension systems by directing savings towards long-term savings products, while ensuring the protection of assets, and the development of capitalisation schemes.

This workshop will present the latest orientations following the 2019 pension savings reform and the new SPF regime by actors from the consulting, insurance and asset management industries.



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