ESG data has become a pillar of the new financial dynamics, but financial institutions and researchers are struggling with a lack of standardized, and therefore reliable, data. While regulators are pushing for new disclosure standards, corporations are disclosing most of their ESG performance on a voluntary basis through various reporting standards. These come with substantial data and time gaps that make it very difficult for practitioners to reconcile ESG indicators with regularly updated financial data and for researchers to produce reliable statistical studies combining different sources of information.  

Join us at the event “High-Frequency ESG: Data to Catch Up with Reality”, on February 22nd, at 17h00-18h30, at La Place FinTech (Palais Brongniart) or online, to find out more.





Institut Louis Bachelier;
GSF (Green and Sustainable Finance);
ESSEC Business School;
La Place Fintech.


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