As a means of payment, exchange value and reserve instrument, the function of money is multiple and the development of digital technology has led to new commercial and financial uses. The trust of users in third parties, public authorities and central banks, as well as in the underlying technologies and infrastructures, is essential for a use accepted by all.

This trust also requires a legal and regulatory framework to guarantee the security and control of transactions. The Pact law had defined in 2019 a legal framework for crypto-assets and at the European level the adoption of the TFR (Transfer of Funds Regulation) and Mica (Markets in Crypto-Assets) regulations has strengthened the controls of funds related to crypto-assets, as well as the regulation of actors and stablecoins. In parallel, the ECB has a central bank digital currency project (MNBC) to accompany the digitalisation of the economy.

Between innovation and supervision, we will discuss with the market regulator and financial players – academics, advisors, banks and fintechs – the latest regulatory advances and new uses of crypto-currencies and digital currencies.




  • AEFR,
  • Finance Innovation


Hybrid: online and at Palais Brongniart, 28 Pl. de la Bourse, Paris, 75002 France