The transverse programme Finance and Insurance Reloaded (FaIR) of the Louis Bachelier Institute welcomes Marie Brière as the new Scientific Director, replacing Charles-Albert Lehalle, while Louis Bertucci remains the Scientific Coordinator of this programme.

“A big thank you to Charles-Albert Lehalle for his dynamism and his numerous achievements as Scientific Director of the FaIR programme over the last 2 years. I am delighted to take over the scientific direction of this programme, whose research areas correspond to key issues for the financial industry. I am also very happy to work in collaboration with Louis Bertucci on these subjects. As a member of the advisory group of experts of the Financial Innovations Committee of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), I hope that we will be able to organise fruitful exchanges between ILB-related researchers, industry professionals and regulators”, emphasises Marie Brière, who is in charge of the Investor Research Centre at Amundi and teaches at the Université Paris Dauphine-PSL.

High-level academic expertise As a reminder, the FaIR programme started its activities at the beginning of 2019. Its objectives aim to analyse the impacts of new technologies on the financial sector in the broadest sense (banking, insurance, asset management…). It is structured around 3 lines of research: the distribution of financial products, the improvement of risk intermediation, and a better connection to the real economy, which are the subject of regular roundtables with specialists, organised at the ACPR (the French Prudential Control and Resolution Authority) in Paris.

In early 2021, the FaIR programme published its first research report, which contains a series of analyses and views from international academic researchers and the ILB Network on the challenges of new technologies at work in finance.