The challenge of operational management of Net Zero alignments in insurance

Scientific project

The project aims to create a methodology and tool for Pacifica to operationally implement an alignment strategy and define actions to align with its commitments to the Net Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA). This is an initiative launched by the UN in which interested insurance companies sign up and commit to aligning their activities to ensure that the goal of a net zero CO2eq economy is achieved.

The project will focus on insurance activities in the automotive and agricultural sectors and will have the following objectives

  • Prepare the CAA portfolio data for application to the selected Net Zero scenario: calculation of the portfolio’s carbon footprint according to international standards;
  • Calculate the current alignment of CAA’s portfolio of liabilities according to available methodologies (public or internally developed) and available data;
  • Write reports describing the methodology for operationally driving the alignment of each sector (measuring the footprint, measuring the alignment in the context of a given climate and sector scenario) and a tool implementing this methodology and allowing the contribution of the different strategic actions to be defined with Pacifica to achieve the NZIA’s Net Zero objectives to be estimated.

Scientific officer

Jean-Michel Beacco
Jean-Michel Beacco
Directeur général, Institut Louis Bachelier See CV

Economic Partner