Risks, Regulation and Systemic Risks

Scientific project

The research initiative will focus on the following areas:

  • the drivers of systemic risk
  • the impact of new technologies in the banking and insurance sectors
  • cyber-risks and their links to systemic risk in financial institutions
  • the study of the impact of regulation in the banking and insurance sectors
  • Central Couterparties (CCPs) – risk management and modelling
  • Competition in the banking and insurance sectors and new players
  • insurance contract design – epidemiological risks
  • climate risks and green finance
  • Bias and discrimination in artificial intelligence (AI) tools used by banks and insurance companies

Scientific officers

Sophie Moinas
Sophie Moinas
TSE Researcher, UT1 Capitole, Professor of Finance (TSE-TSM), Toulouse 1 Capitole University See CV
Christophe Pérignon
Christophe Pérignon
Professor of Finance at HEC Paris See CV

Academic Partners

Economic Partner