Private Equity and Venture Capital

Scientific project

Actors in the Private Equity sector are now wondering about the sector’s ability to attract long-term investment flows, particularly from large institutional investors. The contribution of Private Equity in a diversified allocation, the performance of Private Equity funds, measurement of the risk taken, and liquidity management are among the issues they are concerned about. The Private Equity Research Initiative works closely with leading players in the French sector, Europe’s second largest market, to identify the main issues of concern. It thus fosters academic research in new subjects and provides its researchers with new resources, in particular in terms of access to new data not yet exploited in the context of academic research. The themes selected include research as to the factors influencing investment by institutional investors in Private Equity, the investment policy of Private Equity funds, the impact of the investment by various Private Equity funds in the same sector on competition in this area, the links between Private Equity and innovation, and finally assessment of the liquidity premium of a Private Equity fund. The aim of the Research Initiative is to present original work at corporate and academic conferences and to publish it in leading journals.

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Serge Darolles
Serge Darolles
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