PF Impulse

Scientific project

The research programme aims to :

Firstly, to analyse the available data and develop customer portfolio segmentation models using the state of the art academic skills and Datalab technologies. The list of subjects of interest to BNP PARIBAS Personal Finance will be specified and validated jointly as the exchanges and test results progress.

Some examples of research topics are suggested below to initiate the work:

  • Analysis of the repayment capacity of current loans;
  • Detection of life events and key variables;
  • Comparison of results with internal work (risk models, recovery);
  • Analysis of effectiveness and profitability of commercial proposals launched by segment.
  • Making recommendations in terms of external data collection and use, as well as learning about the subject, for example:
  • Through testing: identifying missing data (accessible or to be collected);
  • Completing the segmentation and prediction models from phase 1;
  • Identify the best ways of collecting and interacting with customers;
  • Contribute to the identification of solutions for customers based on the analysed data and the iteration of tests;
  • Produce financial engineering (profitability management) to shed light on the chosen issues.

The final objective of this research programme would be to develop joint research projects between the two parties which will be defined at the end of the agreement, in order to increase and consolidate the level of excellence of the economic partner.

Scientific officers

Jean-Michel Beacco
Jean-Michel Beacco
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Louis Boulanger
Louis Boulanger
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Economic Partner