Green Initiative

Scientific project

The Green Initiative project aims to:

  • Analyse and anticipate the consequences of French and European regulations related to environmental (especially climate) and social issues, which will be increasingly demanding,
  • Improve methodologies for measuring physical and transitional risks induced directly or indirectly by climate change,
  • Identify all emissions reductions across the Group,
  • Extracting information from financial and non-financial reports, relevant to the use cases of the different business lines, using state-of-the-art tools in Finance, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

All of the research areas included in the Green Initiative are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the Group’s energy consumption and/or improving the knowledge of the bank’s customers in relation to CSR issues, using innovative Data Science and Artificial Intelligence tools. These objectives are in line with those of the energy and climate plan.

The existing partnership between the Europlace Institute of Finance and Société Générale’s IGAD/INS/DAT business unit, which aims to apply data science tools to audit and inspection issues, will take advantage of the recovery plan to develop its work on projects with a dual focus on green transition and digital transition.

Any research that may be added in the future will be carefully selected for its positive impact on the environment, in line with the themes of the Green Initiative. The addition of issues to the Green Initiative may take place:

  • due to lack of data availability on the identified topics,
  • following the identification of priority issues within the Bank,
  • following the publication of promising work on alignment with the European green taxonomy (this taxonomy is currently under discussion and the ILB is one of the only French members to have been appointed as an expert on the European Commission’s platform on sustainable finance).

This programme is supported by France Relance as part of the R&D job preservation measure.

Scientific officers

Jean-Michel Beacco
Jean-Michel Beacco
CEO at the Institut Louis Bachelier See CV
Louis Boulanger
Louis Boulanger
Director of ILB DataLab, at Institut Louis Bachelier See CV

Economic Partners