Scientific project

The building sector accounts for more than 40% of the final energy consumed in France and produces more than a quarter of France’s greenhouse gas emissions. The initial aim of the research initiative is to provide quantitative data to shed light on the determinants of energy efficiency actions by questioning the value of the benefits expected by actors, thereby to progress in the modelling of their behaviour and to clarify public policy.

Tertiary buildings account for a third of consumption and probably an even greater proportion of the economies available. The initial work of RI5 concerns this sector, which until now has been relatively little analysed.

Research axes :

Identification of barriers to energy efficiency and appropriate public policy instruments

  • Modelling the French tertiary building stock
  • Evaluation of public policy instruments (regulatory, economic, informational, etc.)

Reflection on energy efficiency

  • Exergo-economics in the building sector
  • Modelling of the exergy cycle in an eco-district

Scientific officers

Jean-René Brunetière
Jean-René Brunetière
Pierre-André Jouvet
Pierre-André Jouvet

Academic Partner

Economic Partner