Last modification: 04/20/2022

The YouTube channel of the Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB) exists since 2012.

It includes interviews with researchers from its network on current topics related to their scientific research, as well as coverage of some of the key events organized by the ILB.

From 2017-2020, a partnership with Xerfi Canal has been established to produce and broadcast programs with researchers from the Louis Bachelier network. More than fifty programs are available, in French only, on various subjects such as sustainable finance, climate economics and the efficiency of the French health system.

Is it normal that shareholders' liability is always limited? - [FR]


While the primary role of companies has for a long time been to maximize the profits of its shareholders, whose responsibilities are limited, it is gradually expanding. In this context, should shareholders’ liability always be limited? In this video, produced in partnership with Xerfi Canal, Guillaume Vuillemey (HEC Paris) delivers his analysis on this issue.

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Global warming: what lessons to learn from the Covid crisis - [FR]


The Covid-19 pandemic has put greenhouse gas emissions on hold, due to containment measures adopted across the world. This welcome break, in the context of global warming, is the subject of Christian de Perthuis’ latest work entitled “Covid-19 and global warming”, presented in this video, produced in partnership with Xerfi Canal.

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Well-being at work - [FR]


Well-being at work has important implications for productivity and more generally for everyday life. In this video, produced in partnership with Xerfi Canal, economist Claudia Senik sets out the main observations, which emanate from her work entitled “Well-being at work, what matters”, published by Presses de Science Po.

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The Financial Revolution: The Shock of Confidence - [FR]

While the traditional financial sector has undergone major changes since the 2008 crisis, it must face the emergence of new digital competitors such as fintechs and GAFAMs. In this video, produced in partnership with Xerfi Canal, André Levi-Lang, president of the Louis Bachelier Institute, looks back on this duel, which is the subject of his latest work entitled La Révolution de la finance: act 2, published by editions Odile Jacob.
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Employee participation in company decisions - [FR]


If employee participation in companies is an old concept, it has evolved a lot, particularly in France with the Pacte Law promulgated in May 2019. Employees are thus led to take more weight in company decisions, in order to contribute to their performance.

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