Ethics, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Finance

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Ethics, social responsibility, sustainable development and finance.

Sustainable development, climate change, energy transition, social responsibility and ethics are widely integrated in the institutional environment, in the speeches and often in the practices of large companies.

The videos in this course, produced in partnership with the University of Paris-Dauphine, present the concepts and challenges of a financial industry in tune with sustainable development. Created by experts, professors, researchers and professionals, the course is organised into 10 videos in 3 parts:

  • Introduction and principles of sustainable finance
  • Ecosystem of sustainable finance
  • The greening of finance: examples and limits
  • Part I: Introduction and principles of sustainable finance
  • Part II: Sustainable Finance Ecosystem
  • Part III: The greening of finance: examples and limits
  • Part IV: Final test


Jean-Michel Beacco 180x180

Jean-Michel Beacco

CEO Institut Louis Bachelier

Philippe Zaouati 180x180

Philippe Zaouati

CEO Mirova

Pierre Ducret 180x180

Pierre Ducret

Chairman I4CE

Stéphane Voisin 180x180

Stéphane Voisin

Head of Sustainable Finance Institut Louis Bachelier

Véronique Menou 180x180

Véronique Menou

Executive Director and Head of ESG Portfolio & Index Research

Jérôme Courcier 180x180

Jérôme Courcier

Head of CSR at the DDD of Crédit Agricole SA, member of the ORSE board and the CSR Commission of Medef

Marie Luchet 180x180

Marie Luchet

Director Continental Europe, PRI

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore 180x180

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore

Managing Director Novethic

Denis Childs 180x180

Denis Childs

Founder Positive Societal Impact

Tanguy Claquin 180x180

Tanguy Claquin

Head of Sustainable Finance Crédit Agricole CID

Ivar Ekeland 180x180

Ivar Ekeland

Professor Emeritus University Dauphine-PSL