ILB accelerates

Welcome to our third IRIS (ILB Research InSight), the first of 2020. This issue marks the one-year celebration of a publication that offers an introduction to the broad variety of activities currently hosted by the ILB Group.

Looking back at 2019, I see an ILB that has accelerated and turning towards the horizon, the trend continues in 2020.

The number of public-private-academic research projects is rising, so that we now host more than 60 in the ILB Group. The Interdisciplinary Projects FaIR (Finance and Insurance Reloaded) and GSF (Green and Sustainable Finance) have taken shape and now include truly transversal partner groups. ReFinE (Real estate Finance and Economics network) was launch in the beginning of 2019 and ended the year with a call for projects that invites researchers and experts to propose projects to reinforce the research on seven prioritized real estate topics.

ILB continues to develop its daily operations services to the ILB Network among other with a DataLab that keeps growing as an applied research unit composed of engineers experienced in the issues of the financial industry. And this IRIS is just an example of how the ILB Communication & Engagement services have gone through a year of innovation and development too.

That 2019 had focus on going forward is also underlined by the fact that IEF renewed its donations for another five-year period through the partnerships with important and engaged partners such as: Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), Caisse Des Dépôts et Consignations, CNP Assurances, Crédit Agricole, Euronext, HSBC, Société Générale and Lamarck Group.

With many interesting research projects going on it can be difficult to select the few that are “not to miss” reading about in this spring 2020 issue of IRIS.

However, I do recommend:

  1. A look at the Focus 2 dedicated to the ILB Interdisciplinary Program FaIR (p. 12). The workshops hosted at the ACPR and following round table articles and publications offer valuable knowledge if you are interested in digitalization and finance.
  2. If your focus is sustainable development from a green finance perspective, I recommend reading the synthesis of a new white paper “Blockchains and sustainable development” (p. 11) offered by ILB in collaboration with Coreum and Blockchain-X.
  3. Finally, I wish to invite you to visit the new ILB Group and Network portail (p. 20), where you will find links to the total amount of programs, events and media available.

Didier Valet
Vice-Président Industry,
ILB Group.