What rules apply when dealing with funders? What are the prospects for change in the relationship between finance and SSEs? How can impact funds finance the growth of social enterprises? This round-table will provide an overview of existing tools, based on first-hand accounts.

On the programme

  • Introduction: context and experience of tools – by Frédéric Curier of Naturel’Kid and Antoine Finot of the Atelier Lucien
  • Entrepreneur’s vision: getting invested by an investment fund and benchmarking funds – by Laure Betsch of Fairly Made
  • The investment fund’s point of view: targeting companies, tools and criteria – by Marion Schuppe of Makesense
  • Theoretical approach: bringing the two ecosystems together, financial engineering tools and scenarios – by Nestor Toroman of the Institut Louis Bachelier 


  • ADRESS Normandie


Quartier Libre de Rouen Rue Malouet, Rouen, 76100 France