It is true that the duty of care has existed in France since 2017, but only for very large companies. Now, all companies with more than 250 employees are affected, as well as smaller companies that are part of the production chain of companies that are themselves subject to the duty of care.

What does this duty of care cover? What new obligations does it entail? How do you map the risks? How do you draw up a due diligence plan?

Vigilance Task Force, a newly-created network, brings together all the skills companies need to comply with these new regulations. With its multi-disciplinary approach and established expertise in human rights and environmental protection, the network is able to support companies in mapping risks, implementing appropriate mitigation and prevention actions, regular assessment procedures, as well as a warning mechanism and a system for monitoring measures and assessing their effectivenesś.

Vigilance Task Force is made up of the law firm Huglo Lepage Avocats, co-founded by Me Corinne LEPAGE, as well as Raphaël BOROUMAND, Éric BRANQUET, Bertrand DELPRAT and Stéphane VOISIN, personalities respectively recognised for their expertise in climate risks, industrial risks, biodiversity and finance.

This new network will provide answers to these questions and will be available to you on Tuesday 26 September during a webinar from 12 noon to 1pm.


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