The RSB for Change club is organising a new meeting at the Climate Academy on Wednesday 7 June from 7.30 to 9pm.

This interactive conference, organised in partnership with the Institut Louis Bachelier, aims to introduce you to the key concepts of sustainable financial products in a concrete way.

In the current context of ecological and climatic urgency, it is more crucial than ever that financial institutions offer products adapted to facilitate the transition of companies towards a more sustainable economy. But these institutions must also transform themselves to become true financiers of sustainable projects.

It is therefore crucial to ensure that the projects financed meet the challenges of sustainable development, and that the financial products offered by these institutions actually contribute to this transformation. The conference will therefore address these fundamental issues.

This interactive conference at the Climate Academy will give you the opportunity to listen to and discuss with leading experts:

  • Guylaine Deniel: Head of Sustainable Finance – Commercial banking France at HSBC Continental Europe
  • Stéphane Voisin: Head of Green and Sustainable Finance Research at the Institut Louis Bachelier
  • Aude Brézac: CSR Director, Manitou
  • Gauthier Faure: Head of Strategy, Performance and Impact at Ecoact

Whether you are an expert on the subject or curious to discover it, this conference is intended to be accessible to all.


  • RSB for Change


Académie du Climat 2 Pl. Baudoyer, Paris, 75004 France