Family businesses are a major economic reality. At every level – global, European and French – family businesses make up a substantial part of the economy, both in terms of their number and their weight in business. They contribute 70% of the world’s GDP and generate between 50% and 80% of jobs in many countries. These companies are therefore an essential part of economic activity, and their importance cannot be ignored.

What are the performance, strategies and economic and social models of these companies, particularly in France and Europe? What externalities does their long-term focus generate for their employees, their local ecosystems, the areas in which they operate and their economic chains? Are they equipped to meet the challenge of the digital and environmental transformations underway, and to cope with the major investments required? Should public economic policies support a framework conducive to the development of these companies, and how?

These are just some of the questions that the new ‘Family Business and Long-Term Investment’ Chair at Université Paris Dauphine – PSL and its Foundation, with the support of the SEPTODONTSISLEYTHUASNEACCURACY, BNP PARIBASBNP PARIBAS Banque Privée and FBN France groups, aims to answer.

In addition to the work undertaken by other chairs dedicated to family businesses in France and abroad – which focuses more on governance issues – the ‘Family businesses and long-term investment’ Chair intends to adopt a clinical approach based on econometric studies, and thus contribute, by mobilising the Dauphine ecosystem and its partners in France and abroad, to a better understanding of these businesses and to shedding light on the country’s economic policy choices.

Following a presentation of the challenges facing the Chair, a round table discussion will alternate between research questions and testimonies from the Chair’s partners on the theme of ‘Family businesses at the heart of transitions’.


  • Université Paris Dauphine-PSL


Université Paris Dauphine – PSL (salle Raymond Aron) place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, Paris, 75016 France