The Chair Energy and Prosperity Chair is organizing on December 9 and 10, an international conference on mobility challenges in partnership with the Armand Peugeot Chair and the Climate Economics Chair.

Coordinators: Marc Baudry (University Paris Nanterre), Anna Creti (University Paris Dauphine PSL), Jan Lepoutre (ESSEC), Guy Meunier (INRAE), Marc Petit (CentraleSupélec), Yannick Perez (CentraleSupélec), Jean-Pierre Ponssard (CNRS & Ecole Polytechnique).




Thursday December 9th

8h30-9h00: Coffee and Registration 

9h-10h30 Infrastructures and electric mobility 
Bassem Hadar (Chaire Armand Peugeot et CentraleSupelec) More public charging stations or more powerful batteries in vehicles? 
François Detroux (ENGIE) Complementarity and competition between technologies
Pierre de Firmas (ENEDIS) Charging infrastructure deployment : theory and practice

10h30-11h00 : Break

11h-12h30 Panel on Financing the transition towards a greener mobility
Augustin Derville (Electra) 
Guillaume Kosman (Mobilize Power – Groupe RENAULT)
Raphaël Lance (Mirova)
Sébastien Paillat (FiveT Hydrogen)
Maxime Ledez (I4CE) 

12h30-14h00 : Lunch 

14h-16h Analysis of regional initiatives
Philippe Boucly (France Hydrogène) Hydrogen trajectories in France towards 2030
Uwe Weichenhain or Markus Kaufmann (Roland Berger) Hydrogen Valleys: Insights into the emerging hydrogen economies around the world
Benjamin Wolff (Element Energy, UK) Review of pilot projects in Europe and the role of public funding (CEF, FCH JU, IF, Ademe, etc.)
Sophie Legras (INRAE Dijon) Regional environmental policy competition (with Tidiane Ly and Romain Gaté)

16h00-16h30 : Coffee break

16h30-18h30 Mitigating GHG Emissions and fairness issues 
Christian Coutourier (Carbometrics) Emission in Transport: how to measure them?
Mathilde Niay (Ministère de la Transition Ecologique, CGDD) Bonuses for the conversion of private vehicles in 2019: A socio-economic analysis
Claire Papaix (Montpellier Business School) Banning diesel vehicles in London: Is 2040 too late?
Emmanuelle Taugourdeau (CNRS, CREST) Multi-tier tax competition on Gasoline (with Marie Laure Breuillé) 

Conference Dinner at CentraleSupélec upon invitation : 19h-22h Salle e.100


Friday December 10th

Parallel sessions with presentations of PhD students 

Wale Arowolo (Chaire Armand Peugeot et CentraleSupelec) More electric networks or more flexible services in connected vehicles?  

Albin Kasser (Chair Energy and Prosperity) The deployment of hydrogen in the
heavy-duty transport sector: an economic competition

Ariane Bousquet (Chair Energy and Prosperity) Assessing an electric mobility initiative to decarbonize transport out of dense areas

Mohamed Bahlahli (Climate Economics Chair) Optimal regulation for transport emissions

Anastasia Popiolek (CentraleSupélec, GeePs) Electric mobility for long distance trips : which services for fast charging?

Mohsen Dini (CentraleSupélec, GeePs) Energy management system by deep reinforcement learning approach in a building microgrid




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