The European Union’s Green Deal, an environmental action plan of unprecedented scope, is the first to integrate all the pillars of the planet’s habitability at once: climate, energy, waste, pollution, circular economy, transport, food, biodiversity and finance. This wide-ranging approach reflects the recognition by the European institutions that the environment is about all these aspects at once and their interactions. An end to the ‘silo’ approach? This vast legislative package under development covers, among other things, the hazardous waste sector and regulates aspects of the circular economy, zero pollution ambition, non-toxic material cycles, green finance and the fight against climate change.

During this symposium, representatives of society, institutions and industry will put their environmental, climate and health concerns into perspective and will question the degree of coherence between the various objectives of the Green Deal and their actual implementation in the case of hazardous waste management.








Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre, 75014 Paris