The Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB) in Paris and The Center for Financial Studies (CFS) in Frankfurt are pleased to invite you to the launch of a new index ranking the world’s financial centres according to their attractiveness: The Open Financial Ecosystem indeX (OFEX).

This launch event will take place online on the 22nd of November at 10am (Paris Time).

During the presentation, a number of topics will be addressed, including: 

  • What is a financial centre?
  • How do you define the attractiveness of a financial centre? 
  • Why OFEX?
  • What methodology and indicators are taken into account in the OFEX ranking?
  • What are the specific features of OFEX?
  • Which are the most attractive financial centres?


Introduction: Jean-Michel Beacco, Delegate General of ILB , Rainer Klump, Scientific Director at the CFS

OFEX’s presentation: Louis Boulanger, Director of ILB Labs

Q&A session


  • Institut Louis Bachelier,
  • The Center for Financial Studies (CFS)


Online conference