On 20th and 21st of October there will be the GrEnFIn Project Final Conference in Bologna.

20th October: The first day will be dedicated to the presentation of GrEnFIn Project outcomes and achievements. All consortium partners will contribute to draw the Project path and future perspective. The event has also the goal to enhance the networking between the consortium, associate partners and stakeholders with dedicated room for it.

21st October: The second day will be dedicated to the presentation of Scientific Contributions related to GrEnFIn Research field. The closure of the conference is represented by a Lectio Magistralis celebrating the Academic opening of GrEnFIn – Greening Energy Market and Finance Master First Edition by Prof. Peter Tancov.

Here the list of Scientific contributions:

– Dott. Andrea Mazzon – Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich (LMU)
  Optimal portfolio choice under climate risk and model uncertainty

– Dott. Lorenzo Prosperi – Prometeia
  A modelling framework for projections of equity portfolio returns under climate transition scenarios

– Prof. Sergey Grishunin – National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE  University)
  In Search of Greenium. Empirical Analysis of Risk Premiums in the European Green Bond Market

– Dott. Amia Santini – University of Bologna (UNIBO)
  The Beneficial Role of Green Bonds as a New Strategic Asset Class: Dynamic Dependencies, Allocation and Diversification Before and During the Pandemic Era

– Prof. Ewa Dziwok – University of Katowice (UEK)
  E-SRISK: a method to quantify the environmental factor in systemic risk analysis

– Prof. Helyette Geman – Birkbeck University of London
  Not all Oil Price Shocks are Alike: The Case of Covid 19

– GrEnFIn Master opening Lectio Magistralis
  Prof. Peter Tankov
  Aligning financial portfolios with Paris Agreement goals: state of the art and research perspectives




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GrEnFIn Project Final Conference