In an accessible and engaging book, The Great Attention Crash (2021, C&F Editions), Tim Hwang argues that the online advertising industry has taken the financialisation and commoditisation of our attention to an extreme level of sophistication, but that the infrastructure of online advertising, the ‘adtech’ landscape, is built on a bubble that is in danger of collapsing and taking much of the digital economy with it.

This book, written by an insider, but aimed at a wider audience, challenges professionals, researchers and the general public. The objective of this webinar is to present Tim Hwang’s arguments and to put them in dialogue with specialists, both thinkers and practitioners, of the attention economy:

Rémi Douine, founder of The Metrics Factory, media agency, and teacher at Sciences Po

Guilhem Fouetillou, co-founder and chief evangelist officer at Linkfluence (Meltwater Group), teacher and associate researcher at the Medialab of Sciences Po

Laurent Nicolas, pioneer in online audience measurement and advertising visibility, co-founder of Alenty (now part of AppNexus) and co-founder of Implcit, a privacy-friendly advertising targeting tool

This webinar will take the original form of a roundtable discussion (in English). It will be moderated by Kevin Mellet, assistant professor of sociology (Sciences Po). It continues the cycle of webinars organised by the Good in Tech Chair on the development of a more responsible online advertising industry.

This webinar is organised in partnership with C&F éditions, which recently published the French translation of Subprime Attention Crisis, under the title: Le grand krach de l’attention. Advertising, a bomb in the heart of the internet.




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The Good in Tech Chair aims to rethink innovation and technology as drivers of a better world for and through humans. Our ambition is to develop an ecosystem of interactions between research, companies, civil society and policy makers in order to raise awareness of this new paradigm on responsible technologies and digital innovation.



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