The Institut Louis Bachelier, in cooperation with the Fondation du Risque, the Europlace Institute of Finance and the Louis Bachelier “Finance and Sustainable Growth” Laboratory, is pleased to invite you to the 16th Financial Risks International Forum. This year’s forum will focus on the theme:

“Finance & Society”

What is the benefit of finance for society? Finance interacts with all parts of our daily lives, politics and the economy. Numerous economic theories have emphasized the crucial role played by the financial sector to our society: managing risks, allocating capital, providing price signals, reducing agency issues, benefitting economic development. But economists’ views are not necessarily shared by society at large. After the Subprime crisis, trust in banks dropped. Finance is perceived as a rent- seeking activity. Defi is developed as an alternative to traditional finance. It is difficult to restore trust, despite advances in regulation and the development of sustainable finance.

This upcoming 16 th Financial Risks International Forum aims to discuss the interactions between finance and society, and the contributions of financial innovations, regulation, green finance and financial technology to our society.


  • Institut Louis Bachelier


Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Région Paris-Ile-de-France 27 avenue de Friedland, Paris, 75008 France