Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offers an alternative to traditional finance (TradFi) when it comes to the exchange of assets, collateralized borrowing and lending, derivatives and other financial applications. But how innovative is it really? The fundamental difference between TradFi and DeFi is the decentralized nature of the protocols at play. However, decentralization brings its own set of benefits and risks and require a deep analysis and assessment. What are the pros and the cons of DeFi compared to TradFi? How to regulate protocols that are decentralized by design? How will TradFi respond to the emergence of DeFi, and will financial institutions have a role to play in this development? Those are some of the questions that this event and the roundtable will address.

5:00-5:05 pm CET: Introduction by Marie Brière (FaIR, Amundi) and Louis Bertucci (FaIR)

5:05-5:35 pm CET: Presentation by Christine Parlour (UC Berkeley) 
Title: “Systemic fragility in decentralized markets”

5:35-6:05 pm CET: Presentation by Alexander Lipton (ADIA) 
Title: “Automated Market Making for fiat Currencies”

6:05-7 pm CET: Roundtable 
Chairman: Louis Bertucci (FaIR)

  • Olivier Fliche (ACPR)
  • Alexander Lipton (ADIA)
  • Christine Parlour (UC Berkeley)
  • Jean-Marc Stenger (SG Forge)

The event is organised in partnership with the ACPR.




  • Finance and Insurance Reloaded – FaIR,
  • ACPR