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The next edition of the Conversations A\venir conference will take place at the Collège de France, in person only, on 27 September. On this occasion, we will have the privilege of welcoming Etienne Klein, physicist, author, professor at the Ecole Centrale de Paris, director of the CEA’s Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Sciences de la Matière (LARSIM) and producer of the programme Sciences en question on France Culture.


Theme: “Can scientific knowledge become popular? ” 


Etienne Klein’s speech will be followed by a round table discussion.

More details will be available soon and an invitation will be sent out in early September.

This event is organised by the ILB in partnership with BNP Paribas and the Collège de France.




  • BNP Paribas,
  • Institut Louis Bachelier


Collège de France 11 Place Marcelin Berthelot, Paris, 75231