ChatGPT and more generally models based on generative artificial intelligence are the subject of numerous debates that are widely reported in the media, highlighting either technophile discourses, underlining the technical progress and the numerous opportunities of these technologies, or alarmist discourses about the serious dangers of ChatGPT on society, the environment as well as the economy (via the disappearance of certain professions for example). This webinar aims to get away from the general discourse on ChatGPT in the media. The aim is to confront theory and practice by presenting real experiences of ChatGPT, either by companies or researchers, and to debate controversies from the practice.


Régis DEOUX, Director of innovation and transformation consulting CGI:

“ChatGPT in practice, threat assessment”.

Hanan Ouazan, Partner data science, lead generative AI, Artefact:

“Generative AI in real life”.

Jean Marie John Matthews, co-founder of Giskard, and associate researcher at LITEM, Université Paris-Saclay:

“Evaluating LLMs”.

Christine Balagué, IMT-BS Professor and Founder of the Good in Tech network

“ChatGPT from a researcher’s point of view”.


The webinar will be hosted by Christine Balagué


  • Good in Tech network