Supported by Caisse des Dépôts, Bpifrance, the Blockchain@X Chair of the École Polytechnique, the Institut Louis Bachelier, and the ELYX Foundation, the Blockchain for Good – France association is pleased to invite you to two roundtables around two themes, “Peer-to-Peer Money” and “Environment & Climate”, stemming from the 2022 report “Blockchains and Sustainable Development”.

This event will take place at the Caisse des Dépôts and will be broadcasted live. 

17:30: Presentation of the Blockchain for Good – France association, its partners and the 2022 report

18h-19h20: Round tables

18h-18h40: First round table: Peer-to-peer electronic money (download the booklet)
Moderated by : Pierre Noro, Researcher, teacher at SciencesPo Paris and at the Learning Planet Institute of the Université Paris Cité
With: Faustine Fleuret, Présidente de l’ADAN et Nelly Chatue-Diop, Co fondatrice et présidente d’Ejara


18h40-19h20: Second round table: Environment and climate (download the booklet)
Moderated by : Louis Bertucci, Researcher at the Louis Bachelier Institute
With: Guillaume Leti, co fondateur de Carbonable et Fatih Balyeli, Co fondateur et président d’Exaion

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