The article we present in this issue of Opinions & Débats goes against the conventional wisdom. Ideas that we all have, since they relate to one of the cornerstones of our society: the school. It shows how its shortcomings, its flaws, lead whole sections of young people, generation after generation, to find themselves marginalised: neither in school, nor in training and even less in business. At a time when the French school system is considered less efficient and calls for more discipline are being heard, Pierre Cahuc and Stéphane Carcillo argue for a more flexible school, lighter curricula, and a model of horizontal exchange, placing group work at the heart of learning. The antithesis of our famous lectures, of our race to elitism (…)

The roots of unemployment in France are therefore deep and must be the subject of a major reform of the education system, from early childhood to apprenticeship, in order to integrate young people better and earlier into working life. The State undoubtedly plays a key role in such a reform, but it cannot succeed without the involvement of all stakeholders: This article is a plea in favour of the second chance.

Pierre Cahuc and Stéphane Carcillo

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