ILB launches its ESG Lab!


After the success of its Data Lab, composed of a team of R&D engineers in data science, the ILB launches the ESG Lab. The objective is to develop tailor-made operational solutions and to advance the state of the art to meet the needs of public and private practitioners of sustainable finance.

The ILB DataLab is incubating the ESG Lab team, which has a solid foundation: 10 people with a proven track record. The ESG Lab is thus a one-stop shop for all stakeholders in green and sustainable finance. Like the Data Lab, the ESG Lab is highly interactive and relies on the academic researchers and experts of the Louis Bachelier network, guaranteeing the quality of the methodologies and other deliverables produced. This allows it to work on a wide range of issues: scenarios, business alignment (climate or taxonomic), footprint measurement, impact, green financial engineering and ESG data. The integration and strong interaction of the ESG Lab with the Data Lab also allows it to have an advanced processing and modelling capacity.

Reliable, innovative, responsive and agile, the ESG Lab offers a wide range of support formats and sets up ad hoc project teams for projects whose organisation is similar to that of consulting (governance, interaction, etc.).