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Since 2008, the SCOR Chair “Risk Markets and Value Creation” has supported theoretical and applied research at TSE on regulation of insurance markets and risk management, combining methods from financial economics, industrial organization and econometrics.

SCOR teams are in constant contact with TSE researchers. At regular intervals and minimum once a year, a steering committee meeting allows researchers to present their results, and SCOR representatives to express their research needs. It also determines the orientation of applied research to meet the needs of SCOR management.

The primary role of the TSE economists is to help SCOR understand how risk transforms and influences economic decision-making hence contributing to the long-term strategy of the enterprise.

Over the past several years, a dedicated team of 24 researchers has actively participated and contributed to this research collaboration. An outcome of this fruitful collaboration is the long list of academic publications on topics of high interest to SCOR. The annual report of the SCOR Chair, available on the SCOR-TSE website summarizes the scientific activity and introduces the annual highlights.

Some key topics include:

  • Longevity risk, long-term care and (social) insurance
  • Risk attitude: Ambiguity, Psychological Bias and long-term Investment
  • Econometrics: Management of Extreme Risks and Interdependence
  • Risk mechanism: regulation, liquidity and solvency risks, asset pricing

Furthermore, internal technical seminars, scientific conferences as well as workshops are an integral part of the research collaboration.

The SCOR-Geneva Risk and Insurance Review Best Paper Award and The SCOR-EGRIE Young Economist Award are two annual awards organized the aegis of the “Risk Markets and Value Creation” Chair. This initiative is an essential contribution to global academic risk research and attracts exceptional talent to this growing research field.

TSE proudly presents SCOR as the partner of the recently inaugurated TSE Sustainable Finance Center. The center provides additional opportunities to our partners to network with our researchers via the center events, and to benefit from the analysis shared by the center scholars. For more information about the center, its partners and its activities, please visit the website



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