This workshop starting point is the recent ILB “Alignment Cookbook” study on 2° alignment & temperature related methods with a view to address the potential next step : standardization, soft regulation, research issues, market practices etc. with a panel of international experts and representatives of initiatives such as SBT FIN, TCFD, NZAOA …

This session, organized in partnership with WWF, is part of the Paris Climate Finance Week. It aims to be a review of all current methodologies an attempt to set a standard aggregating the best practices, according to various investment goals.


  • Simon Messenger, CEO, 1Planet Advisory and NZAOA recruitment coordinator for WWF-France
  • Julie Raynaud, Green and Sustainable Finance Expert, ILB Network member
  • Daisy Streatfeild, Investor Practices Programme Director, IIGCC 
  • Peter Tankov, Scientific Director of the « Green & Sustainable Finance » ILB research program, ENSAE Paris
  • Jakob Thomae, Managing Director, 2DDI
  • Chris Weber, Climate & Energy Lead Scientist,WWF   

ModerationStéphane Voisin, Sustainable Finance Specialist, Coordinator of the « Green & Sustainable Finance » ILB research program.

Organized by Finance for Tomorrow, the “Paris for Tomorrow Week” is taking place from October 23 to 30. More than a “Climate Week”, the week-long series of events, placed under the High Patronage of the City of Paris, explores issues related to both financing and achieving the climate objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDgs) contributes to positioning Paris as a hub of reference around the Climate Finance Day. This whole week will gather in Paris the financial and business community as well as civil society, local and public authorities.

We are proud that our webinar “Paris Alignment : What’s Next?” is taking place during this major annual Rendez-vous!


You can download the Alignment Cookbook HERE 


  • Institut Louis Bachelier