Parmi les speakers invités :

  • Said Achchab, ENSIAS
  • Katrien Antonio, KUL
  • Bart Baesens, KUL
  • Sébastien Conort, BNP Paribas Cardif
  • Silvia Figini, University of Pavia
  • Guojun Gan, Connecticut University (tbc)
  • Montserrat Guillen, Barcelona University
  • Gareth Peeters, UCLondon (tbc)
  • Christian Robert, Laboratoire SAF, UCBL
  • Sébastien de Valeriola, UCL
  • Michalis Vazigiannis, Ecole Polytechnique

For banks and insurance companies, the systematic use of data science will become a strategic growth lever. Profits will materialise through accelerated and more accurate decision processes, as well as an increased clients’ satisfaction thanks to more personalised offers and services. They could also hope to better manage their risks and to gain productivity. The aim of the conference is to promote financial and insurance applications of data science.

Coordinateurs scientifiques : Christian Robert (labo SAF, chaire DAMI) & Donatien Hainaut (UCL, chaire DAMI)

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WORKSHOP Data Science in Finance and Insurance