The topic of the conference concerns the large datasets becoming available in Economics and Finance, and the techniques to treat these data. Their treatments require both new structural economic models, and new statistical tools. This conference will bring together researchers in Economics/ Finance, specialists of the modelling of these new data, and theoretical statisticians. This event aims to facilitate the transfer of some statistical methods and inference techniques such as statistics on manifolds, composite likelihood approaches, sparse regressions, factor models, granularity theory, to the needs of researchers in Economics and Finance. To register, please visit the conference website registration page: (or contact Ismael Mourifie at


Serge Darolles (Université Paris-Dauphine) Christian Gouriéroux (U of Toronto / Crest) Ismael Mourifié (U of Toronto) ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

INVITED SPEAKERS NEW CHALLENGES FOR BIG DATA IN ECONOMICS AND FINANCE CONFERENCE Mohamed Amezziane, Central Michigan Rudy Beran, UC Davis Luke Bornn, Harvard Hongyuan Cao, Missouri Ivor Cribben, Alberta • Michael J. Daniels, Texas • Guoqing Diao, GMU • Xiaoli Gao, UNC, Greensboro • Bei Jian, Alberta Alberto Abadie (Harvard University) – Yves Atchadé (University of Michigan) – Jianqing Fan (Princeton) Ivan Fernandez-Val (Boston University) – Stéphane Gaiffas (Polytechnique School, Paris) – Christian Gouriéroux (U of Toronto) – Marc Hallin (Free University of Brussels) – Ivana Komunjer (UCSD) – Sanjog Misra (Chicago Booth school of business) – Nancy Reid (University of Toronto) – Ronnie Sadka (Boston College)

For more information and to register, please visit: -17/BigDataEcoFin





  • The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences


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