A special conference of Andrew Poelstra (Mathematician at Blockstream)

MimbleWimble is a blockchain design that achieves very high scalability, fungibility and privacy properties by removing explicit script support (such as Bitcoin Script or Ethereum’s EVM) and using the algebraic structure of Confidential Assets to authenticate transactions. It was published anonymously in August 2016 and has been the subject of significant research since then. The lack of script allows significant compressibility of the blockchain, and also introduces a new paradigm in which transaction validity is determined by simple digital signatures rather than potentially complex scripts. It is possible for multiple parties to create contracts for which these simple signatures imply correct execution of the contract. This paradigm, called Scriptless Scripts, is MimbleWimble’s only means of operation. However it may also be used in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. We describe several examples of scriptless scripts and highlight their improved privacy, scalability and censorship resistance versus ordinary explicit scripts.

Conference within the Blockchain Perspectives Joint Research Initiative – scientific director : Alexis Collomb (CNAM) & Primavera de Filippi (CERSA)

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Institut Louis Bachelier Palais Brongniart - 16 Place de la Bourse, Paris, 75002 France